Manatee School For the Arts

A Public Charter Middle and High School

Empowering students to achieve academic excellence by taking charge
of their emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being
in preparation for a lifetime of learning.  
Early College and Dual Enrollment for the 2016/2017 School Year
Early College and Dual Enrollment with the State College of Florida at Manatee School For the Arts
is for highly qualified students that are eligible to take college level courses to
meet high school requirements and earn college credit.
Early College and Dual Enrollment Qualifications are:
Minimum GPA of 3.0
No D's or F's on in the last school year or the current school year  
Qualifying scores on the PERT or ACT/SAT
MSA Approval
The deadline to apply to Early College and to register to take the PERT was February 12, 2016.
Students that took and passed the PERT in February will receive SCF sign up information
the week before or the week after Spring Break.  
The deadline to sign up for Early College and Dual Enrollment is June 3, 2016.   
 If you have any questions please contact Theresa Quick at  
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Please Contact Selena R. Lubben, Middle and High School Academic Liaison
 941-721-6800 (X1149) for more information.
Contact Information
Middle School Guidance:  941-721-6800 Ext. 1206
High School Guidance:  941-721-6800 Ext. 1129


Assistant Principal for Student and Instructional Support

Terence Devine

ext. 1139



High School Guidance

High School Guidance Counselor

Joy Fitzpatrick

ext. 1124

 Middle School and High School Guidance Counselor
(Crisis Intervention/MTSS-IST)
Jen Cobin  
Jennifer Cobin
ext. 1151 


High School Academic Support Liaison

Substitute Teacher Coordinator 

Theresa Quick

ext. 1129

 ESE Specialist
Porsha Grier
ext. 1155


Middle School Guidance

Middle School Guidance Counselor & PBIS 

Lindsey Rousan

ext. 1150

Support Liaison 
(Testing)  Middle School Academic 


 (No Picture Available)
 Denise McGirr
  ext. 1206 
Middle/High School
Academic Support Liaison
(ESE and Scholarships) 
Selena R. Lubben
ext. 1149
Last Modified on March 2, 2016