• 2020-2021 Website Welcome


    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Manatee School For the Arts.  This year presents many exciting changes with our continued dedication to improving student performance, both in and out of the classroom.  The secondary years present many challenges for students and parents.  The faculty and staff of MSA are here to guide students through this challenging time and prepare students for their future. In addition to challenging students academically and artistically throughout the year in their classes, students have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular groups and clubs.


    As a school for the arts, MSA is dedicated to meeting all student learning styles and developing an educational program that meets the needs of all children.  Students learn in different ways, and our teachers focus on providing materials in a varied manner.  Using the modified block (A-day/B-day) schedule, students are given the time each day to explore subject matter in great depth, as well as have time to perfect skills in art, music, dance, and theatre.  We are dedicated to providing students opportunities they would not have in other schools and making MSA a special learning community.


    Everyone at MSA is focused on improving student achievement on the state assessments.  Our students are some of the top performers in Manatee County in many areas, but are always looking new ways to improve. The journey is not complete until we have 100% of our students meeting proficiency. New this year, all 6th-10th grades students will be assessed in English Language Arts (Reading and Writing). 6th through 8th grade students are assessed on a comprehensive math assessment. 8th grade students will be assessed in Science. High School students take the End of Course (EOC) test in Algebra I, Geometry, US History, and Biology. Additionally, 7th Grade students will take an EOC in Civics.  All students will have to pass the 10th grade reading assessment as well as the End of Course test in Algebra I to graduate. Additional tests must be passed for the Scholar Graduate designation, including the EOC in Biology, Geometry, and US History, as well as taking at least one college level (AP or DE) course. We are dedicated to aiding students to achieve higher on all these assessments.  We continually look forward to developing student achievement further.


    With all the outstanding programs at our school, we hope to reach every student and help them achieve their best.  Meeting students with varied intelligence strengths, and infusing the arts into all instruction is the focus for all we do.  Manatee School For the Arts is a GREAT place to learn and grow.  The challenges we face, we face together.  There are so many opportunities for students here at school, and we would like to encourage everyone to be a part of as much as possible.   


    Community is key to the success of a school, and we would like to thank you for your continued support.  Parents, community groups, teachers, and administrators will continue to work together to provide a well-rounded education for the students of our school.  We would like to extend a continued invitation for you to be active in our PTO and booster groups throughout the school, as well as volunteer at the school. We greatly encourage you to attend school events, and to support our children as they are going through this challenging time in their lives.  There is a great amount of talent here at MSA, and your support of them is crucial to their success.


    We believe in open communications with parents and the community.  Please do not ever hesitate to contact us at 941-721-6800 with any questions or concerns.  Please also check out your child’s classes and performance on the online gradebook regularly, and let us know if you have any questions. The entire family here at Manatee School For the Arts is looking forward to an engaging school year, and to seeing you at the many exciting events and activities throughout the year.  Together, we will put children first.


    Terence Devine

    Assistant Principal


Last Modified on June 15, 2020