• Test Taking Tips

    Ways to make the testing process easier and more successful


    1. Get a good night’s sleep before the test.

    2. Have a nutritious breakfast.

    3. Dress comfortably.

    4. Bring all materials you need, such as pencils and erasers.

    5. Relax, take slow, deep, breaths.

    6. Follow directions carefully.

    7. Read each question.

    8. Answer the easy questions first.

    9. Move on if you don’t know an answer.

    10. Mark answers neatly. If you must erase, erase completely.

    11. Review to make sure you have answered every question.

    12. Don’t change any answers unless you are sure they’re wrong --

    your first answer is more likely correct

    And some more test taking tips...
    Budget your time, make sure you have sufficient time to study so that you are well prepared for the test.
    Go to review sessions, pay attention to hints that the instructor may give about the test. Take notes and ask questions about items you may be confused about.
    Ask the instructor to specify the areas that will be emphasized on the test
    Eat before a test. Having food in your stomach will give you energy and help you focus but avoid heavy foods which can make you groggy
    Go to the bathroom before walking into the exam room. You don't want to waste anytime worrying about your bodily needs during the test.
    Keep a positive attitude throughout the whole test and try to stay relaxed. If you start to feel nervous take a few deep breaths to relax.
    Keep your eyes on your own paper, you don't want to appear to be cheating and cause unnecessary trouble for yourself.
    When you first receive your test, do a quick survey of the entire test so that you know how to efficiently budget your time.
    Don't rush but pace yourself. Read the entire question and look for keywords
    Write legibly. If the grader can't read what you wrote, they'll most likely mark it wrong.
    Always read the whole question carefully. Don't make assumptions about what the question might be.
    If you don't know an answer, skip it. Go on with the rest of the test and come back to it later. Other parts of the test may have some information that will help you out with that question.
    Don't worry if others finish before you. Focus on the test in front of you.
    If you have time left when you are finished, look over your test. Make sure that you have answered all the questions, only change an answer if you misread or misinterpreted the question because the first answer that you put is usually the correct one. Watch out for careless mistakes and proofread your essay and/or short answer questions
Last Modified on June 13, 2018