• Classroom Procedures and Class Responsibilities

    Mme Turner’s French Class



    Attendance: It is extremely important that you attend class. Much of what we do in class cannot be duplicated with a worksheet so when you miss a class you miss important information. I know that sickness and other emergencies happen but please do everything you can to not miss a class.  Check with your classmates or email me when you are absent so you can find out what you missed.  Please make sure that you've signed into your appropriate Google Classroom-emails will be sent out to everyone so you know what your code is for the class.  If you can't find it or deleted it drop me an e-mail.


    Make-up Work: If you are absent, you must come to me to check about missed work, quizzes, etc. I will not seek you out-it is your responsibility to check with me and schedule any make-up work that needs to be done. 


    Extra Credit: I do not give extra credit assignments. What I do is give you extra points when you take home graded work and have your parent/guardian sign it. When you bring the signed papers back to me I give you 5 points added to your grade. This is true whether you have a 35 or a 95.


    Leaving the Room: I give each student 8 times per semester to leave the room for water, bathroom, etc. I keep track of each time a student leaves the room. Going to the office because of sickness or medical condition does not count against the 8. 


    Tardies to Class: Once the bell has rung a student is tardy if they are not in their seats ready to begin class. A student must have a pass in order to not be counted as tardy if they are late. 


    Classroom Library: We will not be checking out books from the classroom library until further notice.


    Electronics: Cell phones must be turned off and if you have the kind of cell phone that automatically turns on, you must take the battery out. If you take one out in class I will take it and turn it in to Student Support.


    Drinks in Class: Only plain water is allowed in class in a clear container. No sugary waters, soda, etc. I will take it and throw it out if you bring it into class and try to drink it.


    French Club: Not sure yet how clubs will be done this year.  Stay tuned for more information.


    French Honor Society: This national honor society is open to French students beginning their 2nd year of French. It is a part of the French Club and the students in it offer tutoring for any French student in need of a little help. Students must maintain an A average in French and an A/B average in all other classes to remain in the honor society.


    I look forward to a great year with my classes. If you have any concerns please contact me at mturner@msaschool.org. Parents, if you have a personal e-mail would you please email it or have it listed with your student on Google Classroom. I am very good at getting back to you within a 24 hour timeframe when I receive an e-mail. I can also send you regular e-mails to let you know how your student is doing if you let me know this is what you would like. As you can tell, I am a big e-mail fan. 


    Please take a look at the supply list for class. I have tried to keep it simple. If there are classroom supplies you can help with that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, again, for all you do to support the school and your child.


    MaryC Turner

    French Teacher-MSA


Last Modified on August 11, 2020