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    Course Title: French I

    Course Description:  This is an introductory course designed for first year students who begin the study of French in High School.  This course aims to develop basic proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. The student will be introduced to the culture of France and other French speaking countries.

    At the end of the year students will be able to:

    • pronounce French words 
    • conjugate regular, present – tense verbs and some irregular verbs
    • introduce themselves and have a basic conversation.
    • write structurally appropriate sentences in French 
    • recognize French-speaking countries and major landmarks


    Essential Questions

    How do I... 

    *How does learning about other cultures benefit us as individuals and our society as a whole? 

    *Pronounce sounds in the target language that are different than English? 

    *Construct sentences using correct word order? 

    *Use grammatical structure to express what I want and need to say? 

    *Greet people and say goodbye? Use courtesy words? Communicate in the present tense? 

    *Ask for and answer information about the time and the calendar? 

    *Give basic information about myself?


    Course Objectives



    Use the target language to: 

    *Give and receive personal biographical information 

    *Provide information about family and friends 

    *Express basic likes and dislikes 

    *Use vocabulary related to satisfying the basic human needs of hunger, thirst, and well-being 

    *Follow and give simple directions 

    *Use basic vocabulary related to the following topics: school and classroom objects, weather and seasons,   telling time, colors, clothing, foods and beverages, clothing, body parts

    *Identify, use, and manipulate numbers 0-1,000 

    *Create simple dialogues in the target language 

    *Read simple sentences, instructions, and paragraphs in the target language 

    *Speak simple phrases and sentences in the target language 

    *Respond to simple questions in the target language 

    *Identify and use the structural elements of a sentence necessary to accomplish all of the above



    *Use appropriate gestures to accompany communication 

    *Practice and master basic courtesies and greetings in the target language 

    *Recognize major holidays and celebrations of another country





    *Be aware of cultural differences between other countries and the United States, appreciating the diversity of human behavior and/or lifestyle 

    *Identify similarities and differences between the target culture and the native culture in:  home life, family, hobbies

    *Compare the educational systems of one or more cultures with our own



    *Make comparisons between the target language and English (e.g., cognates/false-cognates/word-roots/suffixes/prefixes) 

    *Research and report on sciences, history, art, and music in the target culture

    *Cuisine in French life and cooking a French dish at home.



    *Experience an introduction to foreign films in the target culture



    Classroom and grading:


    *daily quizzes.  If a student is absent a 0 will be given until the student has made up the quiz which will take place the first class back from the absence. 

    *tests every 3 weeks. Same policy as above for absences.

    *projects. Due on date given. Each day (not class period) late the project loses 10 points. Students may turn in project early for extra credit.

    *extra credit.  I do not give extra assignments for extra credit.  When a student receives a quiz or test back he or she may bring it home, have the parent or guardian sign it and then bring it back to me for an extra 5 points added to the grade. 

    *retaking quizzes. Any student that wishes to retake a quiz for a better grade must come to me to schedule a time for the retake.  24 hours must pass between a quiz and its retake.  I will take the higher of the 2 grades.  Only 1 signature will count as extra credit for the quiz.

    *quarter grades. All quiz retakes must be completed at least 2 days before the end of the quarter.  The only exception will be for those students that have been absent for more than 3 days in a row and are still trying to make up work. 

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