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    Course:  French II


    Description: French II will allow students to further develop their proficiency in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing and cultural understanding. Students will regularly complete supplementary reading and writing assignments throughout the year and will also be assigned one or more projects. 


    At the end of the year students will be able to... 

    *express him/herself (in writing and speaking) in the present and past tenses 

    *maintain a short conversation on personal topics such as school, family and pastimes 

    *write a basic paragraph or short essay in French. 

    *read intermediate French text. 

    *relate fundamental differences between French-speaking countries and the USA.


    Essential Questions

    How do I... 

    *recount what happened in the past? 

    *predict things that will happen in the future? 

    *express possession and negatives? 

    *discuss hobbies, daily activities and school subjects? 

    *describe the elements of a home? 

    *continue to distinguish common social expressions?


    Course Objectives



    Use the target language to: 

    *Name subjects, equipment, activities, places and people related to the school setting 

    *Discuss extracurricular activities 

    *Discuss one’s daily routine (e.g., personal hygiene, before/after school activities) 

    *Identify musical instruments 

    *Discuss clothing in detail (e.g., colors/materials)

    *Discuss and describe sports 

    *Name and describe family pets and animals

    *Discuss leisure activities such as music, games, and hobbies

    *Discuss family celebrations and holidays 

    *Name personal possessions 

    *Name home furnishings and appliances

    *Recognize and identify places within a community

    *Give and receive basic directions 

    *Express activities in the present and past tense 

    *Express activities in the future tense 

    *Identify and use the structural elements of a sentence necessary to accomplish all of the above



    *Identify major monuments in the target country 

    *Recognize major cultural figures from countries where the target language is spoken 



    Compare and contrast: 

    *American teen daily life with the daily life in at least one other country 

    *American schools and the school system of the target country

    *American vs. International celebrations



    *Be able to relate new vocabulary and grammatical structures to previously learned words and patterns

    *Understand a foreign currency and its cultural and historic background






    *Continue experiences with foreign films, music, musicals, etc.

    *Discuss the importance of knowing a second language in the business world


    Classroom and grading:


    *daily quizzes.  If a student is absent a 0 will be given until the student has made up the quiz which will take place the first class back from the absence. 

    *tests every 3 weeks. Same policy as above for absences.

    *projects. Due on date given. Each day (not class period) late the project loses 10 points. Students may turn in project early for extra credit.

    *extra credit.  I do not give extra assignments for extra credit.  When a student receives a quiz or test back he or she may bring it home, have the parent or guardian sign it and then bring it back to me for an extra 5 points added to the grade.

    *retaking quizzes. Any student that wishes to retake a quiz for a better grade must come to me to schedule a time for the retake.  24 hours must pass between a quiz and its retake.  I will take the higher of the 2 grades.  Only 1 signature will count as extra credit for the quiz.

    *quarter grades. All quiz retakes must be completed at least 2 days before the end of the quarter.  The only exception will be for those students that have been absent for more than 3 days in a row and are still trying to make up work. 

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