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    Course Title French III/IV

    Course Description

    This course aims to further develop proficiency in oral communication, reading, and writing. Included in the program are writing assignments and reading activities of increasing difficulty, as well as projects and cultural discussions. This course focuses on increased proficiency in the skills acquired during the previous years in order to understand, speak, read and write French with greater accuracy. At the end of the year students will be able to...

    *express him/herself (in writing and speaking) in the present and past and future tenses 

    *get around a city/order at a restaurant/ in an office by asking and receiving information

    *write a short essay in French. 

    *read authentic materials in French

    *discuss a variety of cultural topics in French, with some preparation.


    Essential Questions

    How do I... 

    *use vocabulary for city and surroundings? 

    *talk about illnesses?

    *plan a vacation?

     *use commands in both familiar and formal form? 

    *express intention, preference or polite request?

    *write and speak using compound tenses?


    Course Objectives


    Use the target language to: 

    *Acquire goods, services and/or information in written or oral form 

    *Give and receive information about travel needs 

    *Discuss various means of transportation 

    *Order food and beverages 

    *Talk about nationality and language 

    *Describe the personality as well as the physical characteristics of people 

    *Indicate quantities 

    *Express greetings for appropriate congratulatory occasions 

    *Write a simple note/letter/post card 

    *Make statements requiring the use of the present, past, future and conditional tense 

    *Keep a journal with entries of one or two paragraphs 

    *Give both familiar and polite commands 

    *Recognize and state common idiomatic expressions 

    *Express feelings 

    *Create situational experiences on a given topic 

    *Identify and use the structural elements of a sentence necessary to accomplish all of the above



    *Recognize the political systems and geography of the target culture(s) 

    *Know a basic timeline history of the target country 

    *Identify and describe important figures in the target culture

    *Demonstrate an awareness of human similarities and differences 

    *Role play different aspects of native culture versus the target culture 

    *Use and interpret various media in the target language: movies, music, newspapers, Internet sites

    *Understand and give examples of stereotyping 

    *Respond appropriately to social cues



    *Compare and contrast the government of the United States with the target country 

    *Read and understand a foreign newsprint article and be able to differentiate how a particular situation is interpreted by various people



    *Recognize the relationship between cultural practices and the history of a country 

    *Learn where the target language is spoken within different countries as well as USA and study the history of those areas

    *Make historical and cultural associations from events, both current and past



    *Understand the cultural/political/economic relationship between the target country and the USA 

    *View and interpret TV, movies, and performances from the target country in light of how they reflect community and culture


    Classroom and grading:

    *daily quizzes.  If a student is absent a 0 will be given until the student has made up the quiz which will take place the first class back from the absence. 

    *tests every 3 weeks. Same policy as above for absences.

    *projects. Due on date given. Each day (not class period) late the project loses 10 points. Students may turn in project early for extra credit.

    *extra credit.  I do not give extra assignments for extra credit.  When a student receives a quiz or test back he or she may bring it home, have the parent or guardian sign it and then bring it back to me for an extra 5 points added to the grade.

    *retaking quizzes. Any student that wishes to retake a quiz for a better grade must come to me to schedule a time for the retake.  24 hours must pass between a quiz and its retake.  I will take the higher of the 2 grades.  Only 1 signature will count as extra credit for the quiz.

    *quarter grades. All quiz retakes must be completed at least 2 days before the end of the quarter.  The only exception will be for those students that have been absent for more than 3 days in a row and are still trying to make up work. 

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