• How to Complete a Teen Biz

    Posted by Vickie Kazanski on 8/12/2019 9:00:00 AM

    Every week student will need to submit one Teen Biz (steps 1 through 4), and one Reading Reflection (See Homework page).  

    TEEN BIZ requires a computer, tablet or phone and an internet connection, and is accessed with a user name and password that each student knows (if your student forgets, call or text me)

    If your student does not have access to any of these, they will need to get a hard copy each week from the classroom, from one of the file folders in the Red Hanger.  

    • To begin, students will answer a question on the "Before Reading" page to activate their prior knowledge.  Although some of these pages may allow students to skip that page, I would prefer that the students try to answer the question as best they can.  If the student is worried about posting a "wrong" answer, they may email me their response directly.
    • Next, students may choose to read the questions first by clicking on the activity page, then on the printer, then "okay".  This will bring up all 8 questions for the student to take a look at. 
    • Students will then read the article through once, highlighting where there are important ideas and details, or where they may have found an answer to one of the 8 questions.
    • At this point, if the student has not yet read the 8 questions for the article, he or she will need to follow the steps outlined above and read the questions.
    • Students will then read the article through a second time.  On this reading, students will complete one of the dropdown boxes for each paragraph (or group of paragraphs covering the same idea).  If the student has not yet highlighted the answers, they should do so, now.
    • If the student feels the need to read through again to better understand the story, they should do so now.  
    • Students will then complete Step 4: After reading, by answering the question and posting.
    • Teen Biz Homework does not require Step 5.

    Students who do not score a 75% or better on the first try will need to complete the Stretch article and Stretch Activity OR write an explanation in their journal as to why they missed the answers they missed.

    TEEN BIZ Homework will be worth 5 points.  The 8 questions are l/2 point each, then there will be 1/2 point for highlighting (the procedure for sending me the highlights will be explained in class), and 1/2 point for making notes in the drop down boxes. 

    Students may earn up to 5 extra credit points by doing extra Teen Biz.  The extra Teen Biz are worth 1 point for each TEEN BIZ that scores 75% or higher on the first try AND contains highlighting and notes.




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    Posted by Vickie Kazanski on 8/12/2019 9:00:00 AM

     Every week student will need to submit one Teen Biz (See page on How to Complete a Teen Biz), and one Reading Reflection.  

    READING REFLECTION requires that the students choose from one of the following: 

    1.)  a reading log, signed by the parent, that verifies student has read 45 minutes that week, OR

    2.)  a reading reflection on regular paper where the student identifies what student has read, and gives a summary or synopsis, a retelling, or a characterization from what they have read.  The reading must be a full article (from Teen Biz, Internet, magazine, etc.) or one or more chapters from a chapter book, OR 

    3.)  a reading graffiti on on index card where student chooses a main idea, character, or quote from what they have read and explains it through a combination of words, pictures, and/or drawings.  Must include title of article or book and an explanation of some kind as to why this particular graffiti applies, OR

    4.)  a piece of reading art - similar to the graffiti, but on a grander scale.  Can be comic strip, action panels, detailed picture, etc. Templates are available for students to use.  See Red Hanging Folders for Templates and/or index cards.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Pictures/drawings/graffiti may NOT be the same as those found on the cover or within the book, article, or other reading.  You must visualize your idea from the reading, then record it.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  You cannot take the information you use in your writings from the cover, summary, or advertisement of the book.  That would be plagiarism.  You must use your own interpretation of what you have read.   



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