•  Basics:  Students will be cooking French dish(es) at home for family and friends.  They will choose a recipe or recipes from either those I have in my room, in cookbooks in my room or one they've chosen.  If they get a recipe from a cookbook:  they must write down the title of the book, name of the recipe and page number on a piece of paper that will be turned in with their critiques and reflection.  If they want to cook from a recipe they've found themselves:  they must bring in a copy of the recipe to me for approval.  If that is not done the student will receive a 0 for the assignment.  The students cook the food and then have people eat-those that eat the food need to write a 5 sentence or more critique of the food.  After they write the critique they must sign it.  The students must have a minimum of 3 written, signed critiques to turn in.  The student will write a reflection of 3 or more paragraphs on the cooking experience-why they chose the recipe, cook the dish(es), if there were problems, what were they, did they enjoy it, did the like the food, will they cook it again,etc. 
    What they need to turn into me:  copies of all recipes or paper with information on the cookbook where they got a recipe or the approved recipe if they found it on their own, the critiques, a picture of the food (they can show me on their phones) and the reflection.  Students may also e-mail me pictures of the finished dishes.
    French I classes:  3rd quarter  Due January 15, 2020  deadline January 24, 2020
    Each student is to prepare a French dish for their family.  They must have a minimum of 3 people to try their dish as the people eating must write a critique of the food. The critique must be at least 5 sentences.  The student will write a reflection about the experience of cooking, why they chose the particular recipe, what they thought of the food, etc. -2-3 full paragraphs. The critiques, the reflection, pictures (they can take them on their phones and show them to me) must be turned in to me no later than January 15, 2020 for full credit.  Students will have class time to go through French cookbooks and look at different recipes from which to chose what they will cook.  If they want to do a recipe that they have found they must bring the entire recipe into me for approval. Failure to do so will result in a 0.  Students will be allowed to use their phones to take pictures of the recipe they want to make at home.
    French II classes: 2nd quarter  Due Nov. 27, 2017  Last day Dec. 11. 2017
    Each student will prepare a meal of at least 3 courses for their family.  Each person (at least 3 people) eating the meal will need to write a critique of each dish or combine for the entire meal (minimum of 5 sentences)  and the chef will take pictures of each dish and write a reflection on the entire experience.  Recipes, critiques, and reflection will need to be turned in no later than December 8, 2017 for full credit. Students can e-mail me pictures or show them to me on their phones. All recipes must be approved by the teacher in advance. Directions for choosing recipes are the same as listed for the French I students.
    French 3 class: 1st quarter
    Students will create the 5 sauces.  From there they will choose 2 sauces to incorporate into dishes that they are already used to eating at home-they will be giving the dishes a French flair.  They are still required to have the 3 critiques and the reflection and can also send me pictures of the sauces and the finished dishes. Due date is September 29, 2017.
     French 4 class:  1st quarter
    Students will make 2 types of crepes:  one savory, one sweet.  Recipes and ideas will be given in class.  Students can use the recipes or they can create their own fillings.  They are still required to have the 3 critiques, pictures and reflection, and the due date is September 29, 2017.
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