• Manatee School for the Arts – Traditional Tae Kwon Do Syllabus



    What is Traditional Tae Kwon Do?

    Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art which can be literally translated as “The way of the hand and foot.” Traditional Tae Kwon Do is a military art form with a heavy emphasis on self defense and character building. This focus on teaching “realistic” self defense techniques over flashy “sport” techniques separates Traditional Tae Kwon Do from its Olympic counterpart. Some of the principles that are at the foundation of our learning include:

    • Courtesy
    • Integrity
    • Perseverance
    • Self-Control
    • Indomitable Spirit


    What can I expect to learn in class?

    Students studying Traditional Tae Kwon Do will practice exercises that will improve muscular, cardiovascular, and mental endurance. They will develop more flexibility, focus, concentration, and self respect.  Students are challenged to better themselves in a fun and supportive environment. The overall goal of the program is to develop practical self defense skills while unifying the mind, body, and spirit. A typical class will include the following:

    • Meditation
    • Warm-ups
    • Stretching
    • Basic Movements
    • Forms Practice
    • One & Two Step Sparring
    • Free Sparring
    • Self Defense
    • Mat Chats (character building)



    Dress Code

    Student must either wear a Tae Kwon Do uniform (DoBak), their PE uniform, or DoBak pants and either a PE uniform or Black MSA t-shirt. Street shoes are not allowed to be worn on the training mats. Bare feet are the standard, but special martial arts training shoes and/or socks are permitted. Students must also have a water bottle in order to participate in class.



    Please attend all classes. Missed classes cannot be made up. The majority of points are from class participation, so I do not offer extra credit or make up work.



    Absent students will only be excused if they have a doctor’s note or a letter from a parent/legal guardian.


    Grading System         

    Students will earn 10 points for daily participation if they are dressed out, have a water bottle, and participate in class. Students will earn 9 points or less, if they are not putting forth much effort or are disruptive in class.  Students who do not dress out / participate will be able to earn up to 5 points for writing a detailed outline of the class. All students with an excused absence will receive an “X” in their grade book. This means that class day has been omitted from their daily participation score, and it will not affect their grade. Additionally, a physical progress assessment worth 100 points will be given four times per year.


    What are forms or hyungs?

    Forms or patterns are called “hyungs” in Korean. Forms are a choreographed series of martial arts movements which are designed to teach students proper movement, power, balance, coordination and grace. They also teach proper breathing and focus. On a higher level they turn into a meditation in motion. We teach the original twenty ITF style Tae Kwon Do hyungs, as well as two traditional Kong Soo Do (Korean Karate) hyungs.


    Ranking System and Hyungs

    Color Belt Level

    • White - Chon Gi
    • Yellow – Tan gun
    • Orange – Do San
    • Green – Won Hyo
    • Blue – Yul Gok
    • Purple – Joon Gun
    • Purple II – Toi Gye
    • Brown – Hwa Rang
    • Red – Choong Moo
    • Red II – Chul Gi / Bal Sak Dae

    Black Belt Level

    • 1st Dan – Gwang Gae / Po-Eun
    • 2nd Dan – Ge Baek / Yoo Sin
    • 3rd Dan – Choong Jang / UL Gi
    • 4th Dan – Sam IL / Ko Dang
    • 5th Dan – Choi Young / Se Jong / Tong IL
    • These are the required forms to test for the next belt level. In Traditional Tae Kwon Do there is no formal testing beyond the rank of 6th The rank of 7th, 8th, and 9th Dan are honorary degrees awarded to instructors who help grow the art of Tae Kwon Do and promote their association.


    Rank Promotion

    Rank testing is an honor, and is NOT a requirement in this course. A formal promotion test will be held outside of school hours, three times per school year. Not every student will be ready to test each time, and you must pass the test to advance in rank. Advanced ranks require more time in grade before students are permitted to test.  Our association believes that rank testing should be accessable to everyone, regardless of financial status. Starting this year, ALL students may test for FREE!

    *Optional-  If a student wishes to order a new rank belt and receive a rank certificate, they can do so through our association for $10.00. Checks should be made payable to Suncoast TaeKwonDo.


    Dojang (training hall) Rules

    1. Proper respect must be shown at all times to the school, instructors, black belts, and all fellow students.
    2. When entering and leaving the dojang bow to:
    3. The flags
    4. Your instructors
    5. Fellow students
    6. All students are expected to be courteous and understanding. Whenever you approach an instructor, bow first and then speak to them politely. Advanced students are expected to set a good example to new students and assist such students whenever necessary.
    7. Enter the training area quietly. Stretch or sit in the back while waiting for class to begin.
    8. Do not enter class late or leave early without an instructor’s permission.
    9. Proper Martial Arts or PE uniform will be worn for all Martial Arts classes. A tee shirt, if worn under a uniform should be white.
    10. Wear your uniform in the proper manner. The belt you have earned is part of your uniform and should be on and tied properly before leaving the dressing room or entering class.
    11. Personal hygiene is important. A clean uniform and exercise clothing, cleanliness, trimmed nails, clean hands and feet, etc., are expected on the part of all students and instructors.
    12. Techniques must be executed with control and respect for each other’s safety.
    13. The following are prohibited in the dojang:
    14. Street shoes
    15. Chewing gum
    16. Eating
    17. Profanity
    18. Horseplay
    19. Arguing
    20. Jewelry
    21. Do not interfere with an ongoing class at anytime
    22. Use words of consideration when speaking to instructors, such as “yes sir” or yes ma’am”, “no sir” or “no ma’am”.
    23. Return school equipment to its proper place after you are done using it.
    24. It is everyone’s duty to keep the school clean and tidy.
    25. Students must take their belongings with them after class, please do not leave them in the dojang.
    26. All students should respect the need for quiet during tests and meditation in class.
    27. You must have the approval of your instructor to join a tournament or competition.
    28. Do not hold a demonstration or teach Martial Arts without permission from your head instructor.
    29. Do not engage in activities that may degrade the reputation of the school. This includes fighting, disrespect, illegal activities, etc.
    30. Each student is expected to follow the tenets of traditional Martial Arts:
    31. Courtesy
    32. Integrity
    33. Perseverance
    34. Self-control
    35. Indomitable spirit




    Contact Information

    Parents/Guardians are welcome to contact me at the Manatee School for the Arts with any questions or concerns.

    Master Joe MacKay, 7th Dan

    Email: jmackay@msaschool.org

    Phone: (941) 721-6800 ext 1198