• Recommended Sources for Instruments 

    I do recommend string specialists before “generalists”

    Local Sources:  


    Violin Shop Sarasota  (Downtown, on 1st St. between the library/ Starbucks and Whole Foods)



    Jamie Ruetz at Triton Music does repairs on our MSA Orchestra instruments:




    DaVid Pineda-Huezo is a local luthier you can look up at  

    DaVid wrote on 9/5/19: " We do not have Rentals, as it is a waste of money for students. However, we have Outfits from under $ 300 with payment plans that can accumulate equity for future step-up purchases.

    There is a new outfit Package out the we will be publishing in the next couple of days.
    Your students can contact us directly and we’ll make arrangements for processing the order."


    Keyboards and More  (More convenient perhaps, if less specialized)


     Not local, but excellent sources that ship nationwide.


    Baroque Violin Shop’s rental prices are the lowest I know of, and the instruments are good.  They ship violins, violas and cellos. 



    SHAR is a leading string specialist store based in Ann Arbor, MI.