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    ue and Welcome to my class!
    Name:  Mary C. Turner
    High School French Teacher, PCSD Teacher
    French Club Sponsor
    French Honor Society Sponsor
    Book Dealer

    Email Address:  mturner@msaschool.org
    Phone number:  721-6800 x1225
    Room:  4-106
     Supplies for the classroom-all classes:  1 composition book, loose leaf paper, 2 whiteboard markers, pencils, 3-ring binder.
     -for French:  a French/English, English/French dictionary
    -Extras for the classroom:  Clorox wipes, boxes of tissues, whiteboard markers, band-aids, hand sanitizer.  We are in need of tissues, band-aids and packs of loose leaf paper especially!
    French Club meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, usually from 5-6:00pm in room 4-106.   Our next meeting of the year will be on Tuesday, February 5th from 5-6pm.  Dues for the year is $5.00.  Come with ideas for what  you'd like to do for the year.  Parents, please come to the HS building-#4-to pick up your child promptly at 6pm.
     French 1 students-we are reading The Little Prince this year in class.
    French 2 students-we are reading Phantom of the Opera this year in class.
    French 3/4 students-we are reading Les Misérables this year in class.
    Food projects for French 1 will begin 3rd quarter.  They are due February 15th.  Students must cook a French dish at home, have at least 3 people eat the food and write a critique and then the student must also write his/her own reflection on the project. A picture of the final dish must be taken.  Students can take the picture on their phone and show it to me when they turn in their project.
    Middle school parents and students:  Remember that you will be taking a midterm and a final exam in French class.  It is a high school course.  Please make sure you mark the week before the Winter break and the week before the end of school as Exam Week.
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