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    Name: Una Jones
    Email Address: ujones@msaschool.org
    Phone number: 941-721-6800
                            (Rm. 304) ext. 1058
                            (Rm. 204) ext. 1051

    Hi students! We are so disappointed that we can't be with you at school in the studio right now. We had a lot more planned for the rest of the quarter. We know online teaching will be a challanging new experience for students, parents and teachers. In an effort to encourage student participation and focus on academic classes, we are trying to make our class assignments as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. If you click on the class website to the left, you will find one assignment listed each week we will be unable to return to the classroom. These short assignments will align as closely as possible to projects we intended to complete. Work on them when you can, or as a break between your academic assignments, but please try to complete them by Friday of each week while we are out. We miss you and look forward to returning as soon as we can. We know it is hard, but try not to feel stressed and stay safe! Please contact us through email only at this time.  Thank you.


    Mrs. Jones and Ms. Lisa



Last Modified on April 6, 2020