• Mrs. Kazanski

    March 6, 2019

    As we approach the end of the third quarter, I would like to say, first, how very much I am enjoying your students.  By this time, I have come to find out much about their individual personalities, and appreciate the diversity I experience everyday in my classroom.

         I would also like to remind parents and students how important these last 2 quarters are.  Remember, how you do in the last 2 quarters goes a long way to determining how many electives you will get next year, as well as whether or not you have successfully completed 6th grade. Anyone who would like additional information on that can call me at 813-389-4420, or contact your student's guidance counselor or ESE specialist.

         Finally, we have testing coming up!  It's important for your student to know the dates of his or her testing, and to be sure that he/she has enough sleep before the test, and a good breakfast the day of the test.  It is a proven fact that students who are prepared and alert for their tests perform better.  Testing is also another one of those things that affects how many electives your child may take next year. 

         Again, I have gotten to know your students, and fervently want them to get the grades of which they are capable.  Please know that I will do whatever I can to help.  If you would like to schedule tutoring sessions or makeup work, or if you would like to contact me and get a list of anything your student is missing, please feel free to call or text my cell:  813-389-4420.

         I look forward to a great remainder of the year.

    July, 2018

    Hello 6th Grade Students and Parents!

    Summer is flying by, and I am very excited. It is my belief that reading is a passage to other worlds, and that writing is a way of taking other people along with you.  I look forward to enjoying that journey with all of you. Before we start, I would like to give everyone an idea of what to expect from me as your teacher. 
    First, if you wish to contact me for any reason my phone numbers are: 
    CELL:  813-389-4420 I am happy to text, as well. 
    SCHOOL:   941-721-6800  Ext 1039.
    My email is:   SCHOOL:  vkazanski@msaschool.org
    I won't say that I'm available 24/7, however, I am happy to receive calls after 8:00 AM and before 10:00 PM.  If you call the school during my planning periods, I will be happy to talk to you at once.  If it is during a class period, I will try to get back to you before the end of the day. (My cell phone or email address is the best way to reach me.) 
    Second, I hope you will use this website as a resource.  All classwork and lessons that we do in class will be posted on this website under "Lessons for Reading".  The list will be arranged with the most recent lesson on bottom, so if you miss a class, or want to review what we are currently doing, you can go straight to the bottom lesson to find out. If you want to see the current lesson plans only, select the current month and year at the top of the page and click "filter".  
    The lessons will be dated approximately (with 6 classes, not everyone will be on the same lesson on the same day),  but you should be able to tell what unit your class is currently working on, or what lesson you want to review.  In addition, upcoming tests/quizzes/major assignments will be listed in the calendar.  By looking at the worksheets, powerpoints, etc. listed in "lessons" and checking the "calendar" section, you will have a pretty good idea of what you should be doing.  Check under the tabs marked "Syllabus" and "General Procedures" for important notes about homework and turning in assignments.
    Third, to the parents:  during the first week of school, your student will be receiving a syllabus (along with other papers) to bring home for you and your student to review and sign.  The syllabus will include goals and expectations for the class, as well as a request for the best method of contact between you and me. You can preview the syllabus under the "Syllabus" section of my website.  There will also be two pages marked "General Procedures".  The second page of this handout is the signature page for you to sign and return.
    Fourth, to the students:  you will find a list of supplies needed for my class under the "Supplies" tab on my website.  You will also receive a hard copy of the list in class, but I wanted to give you a head start.    
    It is my intention to keep everyone as informed as possible about his or her progress in my class.  For students, that will come in the form of returned graded assignments and periodic summaries.  For parents, it is very important that you check the "Parent Portal" regularly for your student's grades and missing assignments, and that I receive information as to which method of communication you prefer.  Please include your contact information on the form you send back to me the first week. In addition, you will be receiving information on how to set up a parent account on our Teen Biz reading program. This will give you access to how your student's reading is improving over the year.  It is my plan to keep my students engaged in learning throughout the school year. 
    My philosophy on teaching follows that of William Butler Yeats, who said, "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. I hope to light the fire in all the minds in my care this year.  I look forward to working with a great new SIXTH GRADE CLASS!!
    Sincerely,  Vickie Kazanski
    Reading Teacher - 6th Grade
    PS:  This is a reading class, so you should ALWAYS bring a book with you to class.