• Welcome to Ms. Stringer's 6th grade Einstein math class!
    Ms. Stringer's phone # (941)721-6800 ext. 1035 
    Email:  sstringer@msaschool.org  
    *The BEST way to communicate with me is by email.
    Class Materials Needed Daily: 
    5-Subject Notebook with a Hard Plastic Cover (No Paper Covers)
    A plastic  folder filled with loose-leaf paper
    A pencil bag filled with pencils, colored pencils, 1 colored pen, erasers, hi-lighter, expo marker, and personal pencil sharpener
    Daily Assignment Completed with all work shown neatly
    Rules and Expectations
    Students will maintain a respectful and positive attitude toward the teacher and peers
    Be on time to class
    Come prepared to class daily
    Stay on task
    Help others

    Come prepared to class with your 5-Subject NB (notebook), pencil bag with all necessary materials in it, and your daily assignment completed with any questions you have written on the assignment AND ready to share orally. Your child should practice reading their assignment aloud so they are prepared to sound like a champ in class!
    Grades:  90-100= A   80-89=B     70-79=C      60-69=D  59 or lower = F  
    *Our goal is to achieve an 80% or higher on every task.
    10% of grade=HW (homework)  15%=Notebook, ComputerWork, Oral Participation, BW (Bellwork)
    20%=Quizzes,   25% = Classwork,  and 30% is Tests
    Grades are available on portal.  Please check them regularly and feel free to ask me any questions.
    ***There is no "extra credit" in Ms. Stringer's class, however, you may retake and test or quiz to bring your grade up, BUT you must first redo all incorrect problems on loose-leaf paper WITH ALL work shown AND have your parents signature and your own to show that you are ready to set a time with me to retake.  All retakes may be taken within two (2) weeks from the test date and MUST done before or after school by app't. only at either 9 am OR 4:30pm.
    *Your child is required to attend every math class and if absent the day of a quiz or test, must be responsible (by email preferrably) to arrange a day and time within ONE week from day of absence (preferrable the following day).
    A student must also arrange a time to grade the assignment due on the day they were out, so we can go over it.  
    Students are responsible for emailing me whenever they are out, so they receive the assignment, this way you will not get behind.
    *Students will have daily assignments that need to be completed by showing work and trying every problem.  They will receive a 100% for effort, so please attempt every problem, A for effort.