• November 9, 2016
    Hello Writers' Club, MSA students, parents and faculty, and visitors from the Bradenton/Palmetto area and beyond,
    Our 1st issue of the student publication, The Literary Snackbox, is online on the Msfta website!
    www.msfta.org --> Under the tab "Activities", click on "Writers' Club"
    We have 2 primary pages:
    The most recent issue, which uses the Document Viewer and should be instantly viewable by all of you, and an index of all issues, which for now has only our first, allowing you to download the PDF file.
    Check it out!  Send it to parents and friends!  Show it to potential sponsors on your phone or other portable electronic device!  (Congratulate the writers and artists who contributed to it!)
    Paper issues will be available in the near future (as we get sponsors, or as we scrape together funds to bind our own as an art project).
    Thank you, and look forward to our 2nd issue on The American Dream, coming shortly!

    We will be taking submissions for our 3rd issue throughout November and December, anything on the topics of family, relationships, and/or holiday memories or experiences: Fiction, Essays, Poetry, Photography, Illustrations, and more!

    Mr. David Ashe and Ms. Allison Amaro
    English and Language Arts
    dashe@MSAschool.org and aamaro@MSAschool.org
    Manatee School for the Arts
    700 Haben Blvd, Palmetto, FL 34221
    Main Office Phone - (941) 721-6800