• Physical Science Syllabus 2018-2019  

    Ms. Kathryn Heath

    Room 4-110

    Email  kheath@msaschool.org

    Phone  941-721-6800  ext 1159        


     Manatee School for the Arts Mission Statement

    “To provide advanced study and training opportunities in the Visual and Performing Arts

    while offering a strong academic program that maintains high standards

    and strives for excellence.”


    Course Description: The objective of physical science is to learn about matter and energy. Approximately half of the year we will focus on the building blocks of matter and the basics of chemistry, and the other half of the year will include the basics of physics, work, energy and the laws of motion. Topics covered will include, but will not be limited to, the scientific method, classification of matter, properties of atoms, the periodic table, chemical bonds, forces, motion and speed, energy, electricity, magnetism and waves.


    This is a multifaceted class with labs, hands-on activities, lectures, notes, projects, and homework. Students are expected to put forth their best effort and to turn in all assignments on time.


    Required Materials

    $30.00 lab fee- due with syllabus signature page- check is preferred

    Three ring binder, size 1.5 inch, with divider tabs

    Pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners

    One 2-pocket folder


    Sharpie markers- fine point and ultra fine point, black

    Colored pencils

    Expo markers (for mini white boards)

    Notebook paper- insert a pack in your binder

    3x5 and 4x6 index cards, one pack of each size

    Composition Book, any color. This is your Science Journal.

    Agenda book or calendar to keep track of due dates, homework and assessments.



    Please check the online grade book often for updates to your grade­. Each student has access to his or her grades and it is the student's responsibility to monitor grades. If you do not have a username and password, please contact the school so that we can get you one to ensure better involvement and accountability with respect to grades.

    Grades are calculated based on a specific number of points possible for each graded item, based on the size of the assignment. For example, a short assignment may be worth 10 points, whereas a unit test may be worth 80 points. Students earn points by submitting complete, accurate work and the grade is calculated for each assignment. Assignments include: class work, homework, labs and activities, projects, journal entries, vocabulary lists, bell work, group assignments, quizzes and tests.


    There is no end of the course exam for this class but the midterm and final exam are worth 20% of each semester grade. 


          Missing Work

    If you miss school, please check your notes, a friend, or see Ms. Heath upon your return to school. Late work due to an absence receives no grade penalty if submitted in a timely manner.

    If you know you will be going out of town or on vacation please come see me or email me before you leave. Please remember to be proactive if you miss class!


    Work turned in late will result in a loss of points and depends on the date of submission.

    1 class past due date receives a 2% grade penalty

    2 classes- 4%

    3 classes- 6%

    4 classes- 8%

    5 classes (two weeks) 10%


    If the assignment is more than five classes late, the student will earn half-credit which is an F. Students are responsible to obtain all absent work from the teacher upon returning to school. If you are absent, you have the number of days you were absent to make up the work before accruing any late points. Please do not wait to ask if you have questions about your grades!



    Most of your graded work will be done in class; however there will be homework assignments.

    There are a variety of assignments in the form of written work, brochures, posters, illustrations,  models, collages, timelines, individual and group presentations, etc. Many assignments such as projects provide a great hands-on approach to learning, and will be done either in a group setting or individually.


    Quizzes and Tests

    Quizzes and tests are given periodically upon completion of a section. Students will be given at least a three day notice for an upcoming quiz and one week notice for an upcoming test. Exams follow the MSA exam schedule.


    Students are responsible for making a study guide to help prepare for any assessment. This is typically designed as a class work assignment and is worth 35 to 40 points.


    The midterm is cumulative for semesters 1 and 2. The final exam is cumulate for semesters 3 and 4. Study guides are made by the students in class as a review for each exam.



    Test & Quiz Retakes

    If in the event you do not perform as well as you would have hoped on a test or quiz, you may retake the assessment. This does not mean that you avoid studying all together. The retake process is to provide you with the opportunity to master the content being taught. Please invest in your education and be prepared for each assessment given.


    Retake requirements

    Students who retake an assessment must complete the retake form (remediation process) in the time decided by the teacher and student. The remediation process must be completed prior to the retake.


    Labs and Activities                                                                                          

          There is a mandatory $30.00 lab fee that is due with the return of the syllabus to assist in covering any and all lab expenses.

          Students will be provided with laboratory report sheets as needed and will be required to type out some reports.

    Lab partners and groups will change periodically so that you will have an opportunity to work with different people.

    Lab Safety- A lesson, activity, and lab safety test will be completed in the first two weeks of school. You must earn a grade of 90% or higher on the lab safety test before participating in any lab.  Lab Safety Rules will be posted in the classroom.

    The safety contract must be signed by both the parents and student before participation in the lab.

    Lab participation is a privilege! Behavior infractions during labs could result in the loss of this privilege and a failing grade on the lab.



    Students are expected to use technology in the classroom appropriately. Any time technology is in use (laptops, etc.) students are required to remain on task and refrain from using the internet or device for anything other than the assignment at hand. Students who violate this policy will be removed from the assignment and will be required to complete it outside of the classroom.



    Every day is important and your success in this class is directly related to your presence. This class covers an abundance of material and moves along in a steady and consistent manner; therefore if you miss one day it is crucial that you take on the responsibility to obtain the work you missed. If you miss class for any reason you are required to make up your work.


    Exam Make-ups:

    It is imperative that you are in attendance on exam days. If you miss the review the class before the exam and return the day of the exam, you are still expected to take the exam as scheduled as they are announced a week in advance. If you miss two or more days before the exam then we will arrange a time for you to complete the exam. The exam must be made up within a week of the original date given.


    Teacher reserves the right to make adjustments to this syllabus at any time.




    Please remove this page and return it to Ms. Heath on the due date assigned along with the $30 lab fee.



    Parent / Student Acknowledgement:


    Date __________________


    We, ____________________________________ (print student name) and


    ____________________________________ (print parent / guardian name) have read and


    acknowledge the rules and guidelines set forth in the syllabus in its entirety.



    Student Signature _______________________________________________________


    Parent / Guardian Signature_______________________________________________


    Parent Phone Number ___________________________________________________


    Parent Email Address ____________________________________________________


    Student Email Address ____________________________________________________


    Date received _______________________


    This signature page is a homework grade. All areas must be completed and submitted on time for full credit!