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    What is theatre? The word theatre comes from the Greek theatron, literally "seeing place," or "place where something is seen." The word was first used in its current form in 1576 when, Elizabethan & famous Shakespearean actor, James Burbage named his playhouse the Theatre. Theatre is about cultivating the beauty for what it means to be a human – the good, the bad and the ugly. Theatre teaches us how to find the beauty in what may seemingly appear as unsightly. It teaches us to cultivate ease when life may throw us hardships. Theatre is a holistic art form. Theatre engages the mind, body and human creative spirit thereby cultivating a sense of wholeness within its practitioners. Ultimately theatre forms us; it has the power to shape us to be better human beings!

    In short, theatre reminds us what it is to live life freely!


    Michael Chekhov - I am a Creative Artist



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