Welcome to Mr. Hyde's Home Page
    Greetings, I am Jason Hyde one of the 6th grade math teachers at Manatee School of the Arts. I have been teaching for six years, two years teaching in Japan and the past five years teaching in Manatee county. I am a graduate of Florida State University and earned a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics. I also earned my alternative certification in for teaching 6th-12th grade math. My interests range from going to rock climbing and ninja training gyms to sitting at home reading and playing Dungeons and Dragons. I look forward to learning what makes each of you unique just like me. As many of you come to know me you'll see that there are some methods that I find very easy from my logic and reasoning perspective that may be more challenging for you to see the same way. We can work together so I can see how you best learn and how I can present the information in an easy to absorb manner. I am here to help you be the best possible you that you can be.
    I care about you.
    I am available to all students for help. I will be looking for the best possible place to meet before and after school for free tutoring and extra help as needed. I will be posting assignments on google classroom once I have it fully setup and up and running.
    If you need to contact me I am often moving between different classrooms but I am easily reached by email at:
    Phone number:(941) 721-6800 EXT:1030
    I will be going over he procedures for class and what we will be covering in class. I will try to make sure my website is upto date.