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  • Welcome to my homepage!

    I am Dr. Angela D. Bolds.  My professional background is diverse, consisting of 14 years teaching 8th grade mathematics in Pinellas County while working as an adjunct mathematics instructor for Saint Petersburg College (7 years); I also have a combined 10 years of experience as a professional engineer and computer consultant. My first year at MSA began during the 2017-2018 school term.
    The courses that I will be teaching this year are: 
    • Precalculus
    • Algebra 1
    • AP Calculus
    • Intensive Math
    I attended the University of South Florida where I obtained a bachelor's of science in electrical engineering and a master's of business administration in finance and entrepreneurship.  My most recent degree, a Doctorate in Education, was obtained from Argosy University(June 2013) where I focused on curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in K12 education.
    Teaching math is my passion!  My strength is providing students with a solid background of algebra fundamentals to help them be successful in subsequent math courses.  I look forward to helping students "find the math genius within", improving not only their aptitude, but also their confidence in math.
    Math is a discipline and requires organization and persistence. 
    My challenge is to incorporate the arts in math while utilizing the concept of Multiple Intelligences- MI -(Howard Gardner) in our classroom to help each student reach their potential. You may use this tool to determine what your dominant MI is: Multiple Intelligence Assessment
    I will follow Gagne's Nine Events (G.N.E.) model for effective classroom instruction. 
    You may contact me at abolds@msaschool.org if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for our classroom.
    Room # 4103
    Phone: 941.721.6800 ext 1160
    I look forward to working with you. 
    Let's start and end this year on a strong note!

    Google Classroom Codes: 

    Course              Code

    A Precal .....       ue4d27n

    B Algebra .....   kkdgs52

    C Calculus .....    jdivr33

    F Algebra....      lqwtbtr

    G Precalculus....  ukrec6q

    H Int Math.....     m5jhjik



    We use the REMIND APP for COMMUNICATION (SECURE) VIA OUR PHONES.  You may receive announcements, reminders and questions through this APP.   It is efficient because it all happens in "real time", allowing for quick turnaround.  

    SIMPLY TEXT YOUR CHILD'S CLASS CODE TO 81010 to get started. Thanks for your support.

    Block     Course            REMIND Code     

    Block A   PreCalc          bfk3cd

    Block B   Algebra 1         h7cf72

    Block C   AP Calc          39gf9d

    Block F   Algebra 1         77ed6bf

    Block G   PreCal           84cfkg

    Block H   Int Math          dfegdc


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