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    Dr. Connolly-Lane

    English IV, IV Honors


    941-721-6800, x. 1219



    Class of 2020!

    Welcome back! I'm really looking forward to my second year at MSA! It will be a treat to know my way around a bit better and to work with both new students (new to me anyway) and those that I have already met through ENG III. I have learned (very quickly) that MSA has an amazing student body with a wealth of talent and a diverse range of personality traits and personal interests. That's what I love about the place! This year we will focus on getting our seniors prepared for whatever happens next, and, of course, we will continue to incorporate (and to celebrate) the arts in our lives and in our lesson plans.

    Although there will always be prescribed things we have to accomplish in class (Hamlet, for instance), there is also lots of room to tailor our curriculum to student goals and interests. Students and parents should feel free to contact me anytime at the email address or phone number noted above with questions or suggestions. I will make sure that your concerns are addressed and that student needs and aptitudes actively shape our course experience.