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        Kelli Ezazi

        8th Grade
     - Language Arts / Reading / ESOL Teacher
     (941) 721-6800  Ext.  1087
     Welcome back.  I hope everyone had a restful summer because we will be working hard this year! We will be learning some awesome new things- so start practicing your writing now.
    You will get "writer's" cramp in my classroom!
    Please refer to the syllabus page for class rules and expectations.
                        Let's write!    
     Bienvenidos!  Me llamo Kelli Ezazi y voy a ser la maestra para los estudiante de ESOL para este ano.  Si tienen cualquier pregunta porfavor comuniquese con Anita Yanes o con migo.  
    Para las reglas de el salon vaya a la pagina que dice "syllabus."
    (941) 721-6800  Ext. 1087




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