FSA Question Types

If you haven't already gotten these, here is a good description of the types of questions students will get on the new FSA test.
While the stated decided that only 8th grade through 11th grade will have the computer version of the test, the younger students will have a paper-based test that will reflect these types of questions.  Plus, they will need to be ready for a computer version when they reach 8th grade, unless they have paper-based testing accommodations.
Be sure to look at these on "Notes" view for all the descriptive details.
 We also know what type of essay the students will need to write on the FSA Writing test.  Since we are field testing it (meaning that we are taking it much earlier than other schools, and the grading rubric will be created partly based on our students' results), your student should be encouraged to do their best.  Don't let them be discouraged by the increased need for quotes from the included text passages; just have them write down some of the best quotes on their notes paper while reading, and then they can use them again during the essay.  They could practice doing this with the books they read for fun at home.
Work hard and think smart, and the good luck will come to you!
Mr. Ashe